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We normally charge $9.99 each for these but with this special promotion, you can get 10 for only $29.99! Save $70! 

  • - FRESHNESS MEETS SIMPLICITY: Keep that bottle of wine tantalizingly fresh up to 7 days the simple way. Our all-new vacuum wine stoppers come with an in-built pump. Just insert the stopper into the bottle, expel air by pumping the rod up and down until you feel some resistance, and you’re done.
  • - LEAK-PROOF SEAL: Unlike other reusable wine corks that leak, we’ve designed ours to create an airtight seal every time. This means you can confidently store that bottle sideways in the fridge. Every set comes with 4 stoppers to give you the freedom to enjoy different kinds of wine at a go.
  • - SAFETY FIRST: No nasty toxins with your wine. The sealing portion of our wine preserver stoppers are made using 100% food-grade silicone. It never compromises your wine, never alters the taste, and never absorbs odors. The wine savers clean with ease to make maintenance a breeze.
  • - VERSATILITY YOU’LL LOVE: These vacuum pump preservation stoppers aren’t just for wine. They work on most cork or screw top bottles. Use them to preserve the taste of everything from oil, beer, champagne to mineral water. Looking for a unique gift for that wine lover? You’ve found it.

    Package Includes: 

    10 - Vacuum Sealers